Applying to WUNDERHAUS

WUNDERHAUS is always on the lookout for talented and motivated co-workers. Take a look at our job profiles. If you think you fit the bill, send your application to

Copywriter (M/F/D), Junior Copywriter (M/F/D), Copywriting Trainee (M/F/D)

  • Concepts and campaigns are your passion.
  • You go wild for a good headline or copy.
  • You like working in a team.
  • You can inspire your opposition number and are also willing for others to inspire you.
  • You already are a copywriter and have experience with creative agencies.
  • If you are still a junior copywriter or would like to be a copywriting trainee with us – then convince us we are missing out on your talents.

Art Director (M/F/D), Junior Art Director (M/F/D), Layout Artist (M/F/D), Art Trainee (M/W/D)

  • Are you interested in everything this job entails. Ideas, design, photographs, illustrations, typography, moving images – digital or print.
  • You have finished your degree in graphic design or are exceptionally gifted.
  • Put you with a copywriter and you make an unbeatable team.
  • You are more or less an expert in CI and CD but just love looking for an unseen look for an unusual campaign idea.
  • If you still don’t quite fit the bill but want to have a chance of working with us as a junior AD, layout artist or art trainee, just show us how gifted you are.

Customer Consultant (M/F/D)

  • You already have experience from another creative agency which left you feeling unchallenged.
  • Strategy, planning and managing brands are in your blood, even with a looming deadline, because the presentation has to be ready for tomorrow.
  • You enjoy dealing with customers because you love winning them over.
  • Your timing is mind-blowing, even when those annoying creatives are again taking too long.
  • Exceptional solutions for exceptional challenges are right up your alley.
  • You can’t say “yes!” to every request but can be ready soon? Make an appointment with WUNDERHAUS.

Media Designer (M/F/D)

  • You are reliable and precision is everything to you.
  • Nobody is better than you at typography.
  • You know your way around pre-press and how to adapt it to magazines and newspapers.
  • Working with computers and networks is no problem so you could easily work in IT.
  • If not in IT, then at least as a troubleshooter because you can find a solution for everything.

Team Assistant (M/F/D)

  • You studied but might not quite have finished… You’ve been in the hotel industry or have worked in a travel agency. Doesn’t matter because you’re needed everywhere.
  • You always wanted to work in an advertising agency.
  • Travel bookings, invoicing, helping your bosses through the grind, a bit of bookkeeping, flowers here, a gift for the client there… whatever crops up, without you it all falls apart. When you’re on holiday, you’re sorely missed by the whole gang.

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